We're dispelling misconceptions about virtual restaurants!


Virtual restaurants, like any innovation, have their proponents and opponents. Questions arise that restaurateurs often cannot find quality answers to: Is it really that simple to implement virtual brands in the kitchen? Do customers want virtual brands? How can virtual brands help my restaurant?

There are many myths about virtual restaurants that could cause restaurateurs to miss out on one of the most influential and profitable revolutions in the industry.

At Rebel Tang, we are familiar with the myths surrounding virtual brands, and we have the knowledge and experience to debunk or confirm them. Let's take a look at a few common perceptions about virtual restaurants and determine whether they hold true.

Myth #1: Virtual restaurants are difficult to run False! Whether you've already done sales in delivery or not, whether you've used food ordering platforms like Uber Eats, Glovo or Wolt - virtual restaurants are one of the simplest things to implement in your place. Many restaurateurs think that virtual brands require complicated technology, multiple tablets, additional equipment, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when you run virtual brands with Rebel Tang, the number of additional tablets even decreases.

The only equipment you need to be a Rebel Tang operator is a tablet with the Rebel APP platform - it's the control center for virtual restaurants. Our tablets are integrated directly with all food ordering platforms. Using this device, you can control your virtual brands with just a few touches!

Myth #2: Virtual restaurants are just a fad! True! Virtual restaurants are not only a fad but a real trend that exploded during the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping. The food delivery market in Poland is already worth 9 billion zlotys and grows at a double-digit rate every year. This growth is well on its way to exceed 10 billion zlotys by 2025. It's easy to dismiss virtual restaurants as a fad or a whim, but the data doesn't lie: virtual brands have entered the market and are here to stay. They are a natural extension of the delivery offer and every day more and more restaurateurs are convinced by them. Starting virtual restaurants today is the perfect time to take advantage of the trend and build brand awareness from their very inception.

Myth #3: Virtual restaurants don't make money! False! Virtual brands are one of the most profitable segments of the restaurant industry. A sales model based exclusively on delivery allows virtual brands to minimize premises costs and most overheads. They can be run almost anywhere. Handling orders from virtual restaurants does not conflict with ongoing kitchen operations. Virtual brands provide an advantage - they generate double the revenue using the same resources.

Myth #4: Virtual brands don't fit my restaurant. False! When we said that virtual restaurants are for any kitchen, we weren't joking. Our virtual brands have been built on a vast amount of transactional data and consumer preferences. We focused on scalability and ease of preparation, which allows for easy implementation in any kitchen. Our partners receive virtual brands that are best for their type of restaurant. Rebel Tang has created virtual brands that not only complement existing menus but set standards for what customers currently want to order. Rebel Tang's brand offerings are diverse, covering concepts and items tailored to all types of kitchens. No matter what type of restaurant you run, we have a virtual brand that will be right for you.

Myth #5: You can start working with Virtual Brands right away! True! Launching Rebel Tang's virtual restaurants is simple and quick. From the moment the contract is signed, we can start selling within a few days. Remember: Virtual restaurants may seem complicated at first, but throughout the cooperation, our caretaker is with you and helps you take the first steps on the road to the digital revolution. Contact us if you want to start generating new sales - our virtual restaurant specialists will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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