More sales
More money
The same kitchen

Quick start

Effective training

We provide detailed materials that will enable your employees to prepare new and delicious dishes.

Available products

Our cuisines are based on products that are easily accessible and simple to prepare on a daily basis.

Clear contract

A simple and understandable contract for everyone, with a short notice period.

The Rebel APP platform makes everything easier.

Technology is crucial in the era of food delivery. We have created a platform that allows you to manage a virtual restaurant in a simple way. We will take care of everything. You just cook delicious food.

Increased sales

All sales data is in one place. Simple and clear numbers that will make your work easier and more profitable.

Simple management

All platforms on one tablet. All data available in one place. Changing prices, pictures, or descriptions requires just a few clicks.

Many integrations

We cooperate with companies you know well like Uber, Glovo, Wolt, Bolt, Pyszne, Stava, Stuart and many others...

Our integrations


We work for your success


We take care of the visibility of our culinary concepts online. We are active on social media and generate sales on food ordering platforms.

Menu management

We actively analyze customer preferences. We create dishes that become bestsellers and discontinue those for which demand has ended.

Client service

We solve all your problems. We handle customer complaints and take care of the good image of our brands.

Our partners' successes


We started our adventure with virtual restaurants at the beginning of the pandemic.

Virtual kitchens are now a permanent part of our business. Any income without additional costs is welcome. When it comes to specific amounts, they are satisfying and noticeable for an additional source of income.

Increase your revenues in three simple steps.

1 Choose one of our culinary concepts

Our culinary concepts have been created as a perfect complement to your daily work. We base on simple and accessible ingredients that no cook will have problems with. Each concept has been created with different audiences and customer needs in mind.

2 Join our team

We are there for you at every step of cooperation. Our culinary team provides professional materials, easy-to-follow recipes, and a proven supply chain ensuring product consistency across the country.

Each of our concepts has marketing support, nationwide social media, and great promotions in sales channels. This allows you to focus on cooking delicious dishes, and we will do everything to ensure you have a large number of orders.

3 Turn on virtual restaurants and gain new customers

Each culinary concept allows you to instantly receive and fulfill orders from all platforms such as Uber Eats, Glovo, Wolt, Bolt Food, available in your area.

Our marketing team generates interest on social media, press, and food ordering platforms.

Who do we work this?


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