250 Additional Orders for Your Restaurant. It's Simple! [CASE STUDY]


Check out how a restaurant in Wrocław generated hundreds of additional orders per month, instantly, without investing a single penny. We're presenting concrete numbers as further proof that virtual restaurants are the key to your establishment's success. Read on!

Starting Situation

The restaurant owner, like many restaurateurs in Poland, is looking for ways to streamline operations and increase the turnover of his business. The needs are urgent and the challenges daunting - soaring inflation is driving up supply costs, a raging crisis increases energy and premises maintenance costs, the hall and kitchen staff will soon demand raises, and at the same time, guests are unable to pay more for the luxury of dining out. The entrepreneur learns about what virtual restaurants are and discovers the opportunities that come with launching an additional food delivery offer under one of the recognized nationwide brands.

The course of events

The Rebel Tang advisor presents a ready-made solution - the implementation of one or more of the six smoothly functioning gastronomic concepts, generating additional profits for establishments all over Poland since the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementation in most cases takes less than a week, and the ability to order from popular apps like Uber Eats, Glovo, or Wolt is activated only when the restaurant management decides, ensuring that the additional activity does not interfere with the current one. The restaurateur does not hesitate for long - he starts cooperation, not only generating new orders but also benefiting from marketing support, promotions, and discounts from suppliers.

Effects in numbers - additional income for the restaurant

After just the first month of cooperation, the effects are more than satisfying. The restaurant in question generates 252 new orders, with an average value of 56.51 PLN. Do you think cooperation costs and commission are eating it up? Not this time!


9,496.15 PLN - additional revenue, after franchise fees 25% of revenue - food cost 7,122.12 PLN - additional net profit for the restaurant

Do you want your restaurant to navigate the avalanche of crisis unscathed? Be like the mentioned restaurateur from Wrocław, schedule a free consultation with our advisor, and generate hundreds of additional orders from the first month of collaboration!

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