rebel tang

What we do?

We combine gastronomy with modern technology

We create virtual restaurants that perfectly meet the needs of today's customers. We are a food-tech company and build a unique franchise network combining the best gastronomic practices with innovative technologies.

Using big data, we are able to accurately determine what type of restaurant is desired in your area. We provide full support in the implementation of selected concepts of our restaurants. We know very well what is important for your business and how to help you achieve success.

Join the revolution

We are changing the status quo by giving our partners the opportunity to quickly and easily open a virtual restaurant as a new source of income, with the maximum use of human resources and catering infrastructure.

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Ready gastronomic concepts with a menu created for delivery. Audit and implementation of best practices for the effective use of available resources. Full service in the field of communication in online and offline channels. Training and academy for improving competences for chefs.

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Developing a restaurant through innovation can be a challenge. Our technology allows you to effectively manage all orders received through online sales channels, including from operators dealing with delivery of orders. Data analysis allows you to make the best decisions related to business development.

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Cooperation with selected and approved suppliers who guarantee the highest quality. Optimization of inventory levels through an individual delivery schedule - lower storage costs and product losses.

Our brands